Category: Cardiology

  • Heartbeats and Hormones: The Story of Beta Adrenergic Receptors

    Have you ever wondered about the meticulous operations that go on inside our cells? Each cell, the fundamental unit of life, is like a bustling city, full of constant chatter and communication. A recent program shed light on one such form of communication—cellular signaling—and how it affects our body’s responses, especially under stressful conditions. Researchers […]

  • Demystifying Cholesterol

    Take a deep dive into the multifaceted topic of cholesterol in this UC San Francisco Mini Medical School for the Public presentation. Dr. Robert B. Baron begins by explaining the fundamental role of cholesterol in our bodies and how it is transported systemically. He specifically addresses LDL (low-density lipoprotein), commonly referred to as “bad cholesterol,” […]

  • Heart Health: Advances in Preventing and Treating Heart Disease

    Delivered by world-renowned experts from the UCSF Health Division of Cardiology, this new series provides insights into advances in cardiology including the role of genetics, diet, exercise, and cholesterol in preventing and treating diseases of the heart. You’ll learn about advances in the prevention and treatment of coronary artery disease and heart attacks, abnormal rhythms […]

  • Preventing Heart Disease: What You and Your Doctor Can Do to Minimize Risk

    What role do genetics, diet, exercise, and cholesterol play in preventing and treating diseases of the heart? In this program, you’ll learn about advances in the prevention and treatment of heart disease, and what you and your doctor can do to minimize risk with Dr. Carlin Long. This episode is part of a new series […]

  • When Should You Seek Medical Care?

    Knowing when to seek medical care can save your life but how can you tell if your complaint is best ignored or worth a trip to the doctor? Googling your symptoms can amplify concerns rather than ameliorate them but often common complaints are not a cause for worry. This series features leaders in their field […]