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  • Mythbusting – German Women Under Hitler

    It wasn’t just the men who carried out the Hitler-directed atrocities against humanity in World War II. As historian Wendy Lower explains, women also willingly committed horrendous crimes and in most cases, paid no price for their actions. In this chilling presentation, Lower debunks the fantasy that German women were somehow too busy bearing children […]

  • Julia, Noel and You!

    The authorized biographer of Julia Child shares her wonderful memories of dining, traveling and talking with the famous icon who brought French cooking to mainstream America. Prepare to get hungry as Noel Riley Fitch recalls the meals that sparked Julia’s passion for food and her lifelong pursuit of pleasure. Watch Sharing Julia Child’s Appetite for […]

  • Arrr – Here be pirates!

    “To err is human, to arr is pirate.” This quote (a personal favorite) cleverly illustrates one of many myths Hollywood has popularized about pirates: that all pirates talked like… well, like pirates. You know, “shiver me timbers,” “blow me down” and the like. Other popular myths include: – All pirates were missing body parts. – […]

  • Porrajmos: The Romani and the Holocaust with Ian Hancock

    The Romani, not to be confused with the Romanian nation or people, are a diasporic ethnicity more widely known as “gypsies.” Throughout the world they are variously known as Rom, Roma, Romane, Cigáni and Gitano, just to name a few. In this presentation about the Romani and the Holocaust, Ian Hancock, professor of English and […]