Improving Your Emotional Well-Being

The outbreak of infectious diseases such as COVID-19 cause feelings of stress, anxiety, grief, and worry. Learning to cope with these feelings in a healthy way will help you become more resilient.

The Emotional Well-Being series from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at UCSF features mental health and emotional wellness experts showing how you can reduce personal stress now, as well as develop coping skills for other disasters.

The sessions are moderated by Vice Chair for Adult Psychology Elissa Epel and include wide-ranging topics with experts sharing insights on reducing stress and trauma, coping with grief, managing pandemic fatigue, addressing interpersonal and systemic racism, parenting and educating young people as they transition back to in-person learning and jobs, mitigating the climate crisis, and the use of psychedelic-assisted therapy.

After the past 18 months, improving our stress management skills is something we can all use.

Watch Improving Your Emotional Well-Being.