Orthopaedics: Optimizing Wellness

Injuries and degenerative conditions affect us all and can result in pain, dysfunction and decreased quality of life. When we lose our mobility, our overall wellness suffers. What can we do to keep our body running at its best, help it recover when it gets injured, and maintain an active lifestyle? Presented by leaders in their field from the UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, this series explores how to optimize wellness and not let aches and pains get you down.

Topics include:

Conservative Management of Low Back Pain

Injuries to the Female Athlete and the Creation of the Women’s Sports Medicine Center at UCSF

Hip Pain: When Your Hip Won’t Let You Hop!

Ouch! My Aching Feet: Common Ailments of the Foot and Ankle

Hand Lumps, Bumps and Everything in Between

Living Longer and Healthier with Exercise

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