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Engaging K-16 Students in Lifelong Learning

“Why does lifelong learning have to start at 25 when we can instill this at an earlier age?” asks Edward Abeyta, Associate Dean, Community Engagement and Pre-College Programs at UC San Diego Extension. Being engaged in learning no matter the educational or career path you choose is vital to obtaining the skills and mindset you need to succeed. Abeyta outlines the programs UC San Diego is driving to engage K-16 students in not only thinking about their futures but building a skillset that can take them there. Hear how communities, industries and universities are working together to pilot programs that prepare students for college and careers.

Watch Career Ready and College Ready: Helping K-16 Students Succeed with Ed Abeyta – Job Won


Need Help on Your UC Application?

If there’s a California high school senior in your house, you’re probably well aware that the deadline for applying to the University of California is November 30. Is anyone panicking yet?

Put everyone at ease with this helpful video that offers a detailed look at how to present yourself on UC’s freshman application. From filling out the online application to the personal statement, this comprehensive presentation follows the entire process.

Watch “Presenting Yourself on the UC Freshman Application and Personal Statement” and make sure to check out all the other videos in the “Applying to UC” series, presented by UC Counselor Conference.


Overwhelmed with Applications?

If you’re hoping to enroll at the University of California in Fall 2012, then you’re probably busy completing your application. At least, you should be because they’re due November 30!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused or just plain lost, you might want to check out these new videos featuring UC Admissions Officers sharing tips, tools and tidbits that could make the process a whole lot easier – or maybe even help your application stand out.

The videos address topics like freshman applicants, community college transfers and how to best present yourself on the application and your personal statement.

You can find them all at the Applying to UC series page. And make sure to visit UC’s Admissions site for more detailed information.

Good luck!


How’s Your UC Application Coming Along?

The deadline for applying to the University of California is fast approaching– November 30 — and UC wants to ensure that students, teachers, counselors and parents have the support they need to get those applications in on time and on target.

Take a look at the latest videos from the 2010 UC Counselor Conference, now available online. You’ll get inside information about UC’s online application, as well as helpful tips for high school applicants and those looking to transfer from a community college.

Then, click on over to UC Admissions, where you can explore which campus is right for you, affordability of a UC education and, of course, the all important online application.

Good luck on those applications and we hope to see you on a UC campus next Fall!