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Is the Possibility of a Unified Korea Lost?

Two decades ago, Harold Koh thought he would soon see North and South Korea reunited. Today, the Yale professor who served in both the Clinton and Obama administrations says he no longer expects it will happen in his lifetime, if ever. Koh explained why he believes a series of missteps by Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump have stopped progress toward a unified peninsula during a recent talk at UC Santa Barbara.

Koh has dealt with the challenges of North and South Korea since before he was born. His mother was trapped in North Korea when the country was divided after WWII. She and her family hiked for days to the border, and were able to make it back to Seoul. His father worked in politics, but was forced to seek asylum in the United States after the South Korean government was overthrown in 1961. Koh eventually followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming a legal scholar and diplomat.

Koh was optimistic about a peaceful resolution between North and South Korea back in 2000. He had just left Pyongyang after what was the highest-level diplomatic visit up to that point. He says there were plans in motion to move the 2002 World Cup to North Korea with a unified Korean team. But, when George W. Bush took office and named North Korea as part of the “axis of evil,” Koh says those plans, and any hope of uniting the countries, died.

As much as Koh disagrees with the Bush administration’s approach to North Korea, he is even more critical of how President Trump has handled the situation. Koh says the summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un was a mistake, because the administration should have demanded concessions from the North Korean regime before agreeing to such a high-level meeting. He also says Trump should have made clear demands from Kim, and certainly should not have publicly said he, “fell in love” with the dictator. But, Koh does believe we’re approaching a “moment of change.”

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UCTV Goes to South Korea!

We love hearing about how our programs have enriched the lives of viewers around the world. Check out this letter we received from Sookmyung Women’s University in South Korea. They have developed SNOW, a knowledge-sharing website that allows viewers to watch, comment on, and even post wiki-translations of educational videos from around the world. To date they have posted 889 UCTV programs, and translated 123 of them into Korean. We are excited our content is becoming increasingly available to a country with over 48 million people!

Let us know how UCTV has impacted your life, and we might just post it on the UCTV blog!

From: Dong Eun Cheon

Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2012 11:13 PM


Subject: I would like to report on current sharing of UCTV’s lectures at SNOW

First of all, I am very pleased to contact you. I am Dong Eun Cheon, a researcher of SNOW 2.0 Development Team at Sookmyung Women’s University.

Taking this chance, I would like to share with you how your lectures have been introduced to SNOW users, attracting many people to get informative knowledge. (website: www.snow.or.kr)

Since launching the site at the end of 2009, SNOW has become a fast growing popular site for open knowledge platform in Korea and more than 652,000 people have visited the site so far. Moreover, approximately 889 lectures of UCTV have been introduced to our users, 123 of which have been translated into Korean by our volunteers. Surely, the lectures are popular at our SNOW site. The most popular lectures is “Insights into the Mind of the Child.”

These UCTV lectures contribute to providing great intellectual inspiration to viewers. As our subtitle service has been more expanded, it is expected that more and more UCTV lectures will be spread among them. We are providing your contents not only with Korean titles, lecture descriptions and script but also with download functions for videos, audio clips and script files thanks to your permission. Also, since we developed mobile web applications for the iPhone, Android, and iPad at the beginning of 2010, your contents have been made more widely available via SNOW.

Again, it is great to see that we have been able to collaborate on the “share knowledge movement” widely spread. I hope that this collaboration would be more encouraging this movement and lead to mutual growth for both of us.

Thank you

Best regards,

Dong Eun Cheon
Researcher, International Affairs
SNOW 2.0 Development Team
Sookmyung Women’s University