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The Coming Wave? 2018 Midterm Election Panel

There are just days left before the 2018 midterms, and analysts are split over what we can expect. Will there be a so-called blue wave, or will Republicans retain control of all branches of government?

That’s just one of the questions addressed by three political heavy-hitters at the Goldman School of Public Policy during a live-streamed discussion this week. Professor Robert B. Reich, Dean Henry E. Brady, and University of California President and Goldman School Professor Janet Napolitano gave their best predictions for Tuesday. Napolitano predicts Democrats will take back the house, but possibly lose ground in the Senate. Reich points to gerrymandering and voter suppression, saying it’s unlikely Democrats will be able to pick up a majority in either house. Brady looks at historical methods of predicting midterm results, but questions whether the old rules still apply.

But, the discussion doesn’t stop at predictions. The panel weighs in on what they see as the biggest issues for voters, how we got to this point in American politics, and what might happen next. Reich lays out three things he believes the Democratic party needs to focus on whether they win or lose on Tuesday, and gives a riveting monologue about the role of truth in a democracy. The discussion ends on a high note, with Reich and Napolitano sharing why they’re optimistic about the future of politics in the United States.

Watch The Coming Wave? 2018 Midterm Election Panel Featuring: Robert Reich, Janet Napolitano, and Henry E. Brady


Presidential Predictions

The presidential election is over, but there is still a lot to be learned from the votes.

A panel of experts comprised by UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies analyzes President Obama’s re-election and what it can tell us about the President’s second term.

Was this election a demand for Obama’s return or was it merely a rejection of Republican candidate Mitt Romney? Obama won with a smaller majority then he did in his first election. Is this a reflection of the president’s leadership in his first term? Can we expect changes in his policy?

Find out the answers and more in “Four More Years: Obama’s Re-Election and the Prospects for a Second Term: 32nd Annual Review of the Presidency.”

Check out these videos about national issues and politics to learn more.


Ronald Reagan at 100: A Son Reminisces

Ron Reagan at UC San Diego's Revelle Forum

February 6 would’ve been President Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday and, while his name is so often invoked in political discussions, there’s still plenty to say about the man as, well, a man.

In his new book “My Father at 100,” the President’s youngest child Ron sets out to do just that, and he stopped by UC San Diego Extension’s Revelle Forum at the Neurosciences Institute to share some of his most endearing memories and frank opinions with interviewer Phyllis Pfeiffer.

The affable Reagan describes the complicated, yet loving relationship he enjoyed with his father, even as his own political views veered decidedly to the left. A compelling storyteller like his father, Reagan steers clear of nitty gritty politics and lets us in on his own journey to understand the more private side of this very public man. It’s a respectful yet compelling conversation that all will enjoy, no matter what your politics.

Revelle Forum: Ron Reagan