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Developmental Disabilities Update

Check out highlights from this year’s conference addressing a variety of topics, including the impact of trauma and immigration on child development and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Offering a unique update for primary care and subspecialty health care professionals and others who care for children, youth, and adults with developmental disabilities and complex health care needs, the conference covered a broad spectrum of developmental disabilities across the lifespan including autism spectrum disorders, mental health, genetic screening and diagnoses, and intervention and therapeutic consideration. Focus on special education, law enforcement, and policy from a variety of specialists adds to the content.

Presentations by expert faculty should be of interest to pediatricians, family physicians, nurse clinicians, psychologists, and internists who are involved in the healthcare of individuals with developmental disabilities, as well as to those in other health-related disciplines including health policy, epidemiology, psychiatry, school health, social work, and case management services.

While the conference is designed for health care professionals, families and individuals with developmental disabilities will also learn from the various represented disciplines. The conference was held at UCSF on March 14 and 15, 2019.

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In UC Berkeley Lab, Mind-Reading is Real

Mind reading video reconstruction from lab of Jack Gallant, UC Berkeley neuroscientist

The latest episode of  “Prime: Cuts” could easily be the premise of a Hollywood science fiction movie. Except this science is real, and it’s happening at UC Berkeley.

Neuroscientist Jack Gallant and his team have done what many thought impossible – literally read someone’s mind.

Using advanced brain imaging, researchers can now track what a subject’s brain sees while watching a movie and translate it from the mind to digital video. Talk about someone getting inside someone’s head!

Watch “Prime: Cuts – Vision Reconstruction” and see how they did it. It’s amazing stuff.