Music for Your Ears and… Your Soul

With a voice as powerful as his soulful energy, Earl Thomas is every bit the entertainer and singer-songwriter. Born into a musical family in rural Tennessee, Thomas grew up in a house brimming with melodies. His father was a bluesman, and his mother a gospel singer, so music runs through his veins.

Thomas’ music is a potent blend of traditional and contemporary gospel, infused with the sensibilities of rock, soul, and rhythm & blues. After a three-year hiatus, he returns with his latest production, which he calls his “third act” — Earl Thomas and the Gospel Ambassadors featuring Sister Leola. The music, all vintage gospel, is what Thomas describes as “the music I was meant to do.”

Continuing the African tradition of oral history through music, Thomas is now performing songs that serve as the soundtrack of African American culture and history, and the backbone of American music.

Sing, dance, and get out of your seat as Earl Thomas and the Gospel Ambassadors featuring Sister Leola take the stage at the Guggenheim Theater at UC San Diego’s Park & Market, rocking the house in this latest performance of the Intersections Concert Series.

Watch Earl Thomas and the Gospel Ambassadors Featuring Sister Leola.