Category: Public Affairs

  • A Side of Exploitation With That…

    Though Democrats and Republicans alike just voted to increase the minimum wage in some states, the raise won’t apply to most restaurant workers who must still depend on customers, through tips, to make a living. Saru Jayaraman of UC Berkeley brings her passion to the table as she criticizes the disparity between the “tipped versus […]

  • China: Our Partner in Spending

    So, is it a good thing that Chinese consumers are becoming more like Americans in their pursuit of Barbie Dolls, iPhones and designer clothes? Will their drive to acquire products boost the global economy? UC San Diego’s Karl Gerth offers a compelling analysis of how China’s embrace of consumerism is changing the world, but not […]

  • In the Living Room with Henry E. Brady: UC Public Policy Channel

    We’ve always loved Henry Brady, the dean of the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, for his wit and intellect. But when we went to talk with him about developing a theme channel on public policy for UCTV, we discovered something else. He is equally passionate about the building that houses the GSPP, […]

  • Economic Growth or the Environment? A False Choice

    The Industrial Revolution ushered in fundamental change. The global economy and prosperity grew exponentially, primarily through the use of vast amounts of fossil fuels. Science, particularly climate science, has shown that our current course of a fossil-based economy is unsustainable but our society is often presented with a dilemma. Should we continue our exponential economic […]

  • Playing Solomon: How Much is a Life Really Worth?

    Placing a dollar amount on a life or an injury may sound heartless, but such is the work of Kenneth Feinberg, and very few of us envy him the job. By the time an organization calls him, the tragedy itself is oftentimes long over with. Its victims, however, remain. And it is Feinberg’s job to […]

  • Dirty Sexy Policy

    Dirty Sexy Policy brings together prominent scholars, attorneys, activists, regulators, and journalists to explore current challenges facing media. Participants and speakers engage in lively discussion and debate through a moderated Q&A to explore content regulation of obscenity and indecency, structural regulation of broadband technologies, and the broader stakes that citizens and policy critics share. Tune […]

  • Goldman Talkers

    Trained in fiction with an MFA in creative writing, a young Ben Rhodes soon found himself writing foreign policy speeches — first, for a think tank and then later, for the President of the United States. He shares his colorful journey from graduate school to the White House with the 2014 graduates of the Goldman […]

  • Join In On Conversations With History

    In these lively and unedited interviews, UC Berkeley’s Harry Kreisler welcomes distinguished men and women from all over the world to talk about their lives and their work. Interviews span the globe and include discussion of political, economic, military, legal, cultural, and social issues shaping our world. Harry recently competed his 500th interview, each an […]

  • 20 Years of NAFTA and Beyond – Mexico Moving Forward 2014

    NAFTA’s impact on the last two decades and its effect on the future are featured prominently in this year’s UCSD-TV series, Mexico Moving Forward. Listen to business leaders, scholars, and social entrepreneurs provide diverse perspectives on the current economic challenges in Mexico, what can and is being done to address them, and how these lessons […]

  • Mexico: Twenty Years After NAFTA

    This year marks the 20th anniversary of the North American Free Trade Agreement, an important milestone for the U.S., Mexican, and Canadian regional economic partnership. Before NAFTA was launched 20 years ago, critics worried that the United States would lose jobs and more to the south, to Mexico. That did not happen. In fact, employment […]