Sexuality and Aging

8232As we grow older, sexuality takes on a broader definition. A good sex life — at any age — involves a lot more than just sex. It’s also about intimacy and touch, which can benefit us all.

Understandably, sex at 70 or 80 may not be like it was at 20 or 30 — but in some ways it can be better. Even if you have health problems or physical disabilities, you can engage in intimate acts and benefit from closeness with another person.

In this presentation, psychiatrist Dan Sewell debunks several myths about sex and aging, and gives us guidelines for discussing sex and maintaining healthy sexual function in later life.

Dr. Sewell currently fills a number of roles at UC San Diego which include: Medical Director of the Senior Behavioral Health Program, Director of the Geropsychiatry Fellowship Program, Co-director of the Memory Aging and Resilience Clinic, and Associate Director for the UC San Diego Hartford Foundation Center of Excellence in Geriatric Psychiatry.

Watch Sexuality and Aging and tune in for more programs from the Stein Institute for Research on Aging.

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