Eastward Bound: Home with Nathan East

EASTThe stage is set for the performance to come. Drums, congas, electric guitars, grand piano… and bass guitar.

Nathan East walks out alone, picks up his instrument, and tenderly plays his signature bass rendition of America the Beautiful. Afterwards, with fingers snapping, UC San Diego Music faculty, alumni, and other talented musicians join him for a truly groovy version of Moondance.

So begins the 18th Annual Lytle Scholarship Concert featuring world renowned bass guitarist and UC San Diego alumnus, Nathan East.

turetzkyEast has played with rock music’s greatest artists for the past 35 years — from Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson to Madonna, Beyoncé and Daft Punk. None of which may have happened if it weren’t for his instructor, Bertram Turetzy, who suggested that the UC grad should leave the master’s program and follow his musical dreams to Los Angeles to begin his career. Turns out, Turetzy was right.

Get your fingers snapping and watch the entire performance of Eastbound Home, with Nathan East.

Learn more about the Lytle Scholarship and watch past performances.

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