Looking Back and Looking Forward

As we welcome 2022, we at UCTV wish you a happy and healthy new year and thank you for your enthusiastic interest in fact-based videos from the University of California. We are proud to bring you scientists, composers, public policy experts, doctors, authors and more. If it crosses your mind, it crosses a UC campus.

Despite COVID restrictions that have meant most of the videos are being recorded remotely, we introduced a record 450 videos this year and added 250,000 YouTube subscribers, bringing us to over 970,000. That will put our total subscribers at one million in just a few months! There are 37 million YouTube channels out there but less than one percent reach that milestone. Thank you for making that possible.

This year we have endeavored to keep you up-to-date on COVID discoveries, what’s new in stem cell research and applications, explored the origins of humans with CARTA and showcased interviews and talks with filmmakers and authors. Contending with Climate Change continues to be a topic of interest and we’ve provided valuable information on the path to college, in English and Spanish.

We are ending the year with some highly viewed programs – among them is the recent Dark Persuasion on the history of brainwashing, Adapting to a COVID World, and Inflammation, the Brain and Fatty Acid. Other programs you enjoyed this year include Santa Cecilia in Concert, Mengele: Unmasking the Angel of Death and Solar Probe Touches the Sun, just to name a few. It’s been quite a year!

The UCTV team is already busy preparing new programs for you in the coming year. On a personal note, the end of this year is also the end of my tenure at UCTV. It’s been an amazing adventure taking a small local station to the powerhouse it is now. This is truly a team effort and I have been privileged to work with this group of talented individuals for close to 30 years! I’m excited to watch the future unfold along with all of you.

Thank you!
Lynn Burnstan
Executive Director, UCTV