Neurogaming: What’s Neuroscience and Ethics Got To Do With It?


Recently in San Diego, the founding president of the International Neuroethics Society and Harvard professor Steven Hyman, led an extraordinary discussion on rapid advances in brain research and the social implications of merging neuroscience and video game development. In Neurogaming: What’s Neuroscience and Ethics Got To Do With It?, the question of “are video games good for you?” is analyzed by Hyman and fellow researchers. C. Shawn Green of the University of Wisconsin-Madison discusses the scientific basis of neurogaming; Adam Gazzaley of University of California, San Francisco, focuses on the application of neurogames, and Jonathon Blow, an independent game developer with notable credits, covers the multitude of ethical issues within neurogames.


This episode is part of the Exploring Ethics series, presented by The Center for Ethics in Science and Technology. The lectures and discussions are designed to bring the public and scientists together to explore how science can best serve society. These programs provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to share perspectives on the ethical implications of new developments in science and technology.

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