Category: Pregnancy & Prenatal Care

  • Donor Breast Milk for Premature and Medically Fragile Infants: A Lifesaving Solution

    In a world where the smallest lives often face the biggest challenges, the University of California Health Milk Bank stands as a beacon of hope. Dr. Julia Cormano and Dr. Lisa Stellwagen guide us through the vital role of donor breast milk for premature and medically fragile infants, showcasing how this invaluable resource transforms lives […]

  • Breastfeeding: Common Questions

    Breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful way to nourish your baby. It can also be challenging and overwhelming for new mothers. Join Nancy White, RN, IBCLC, a board-certified lactation consultant, and Julia Cormano, MD, FACOG as they discuss the basics of breastfeeding, and provide helpful tips for your breastfeeding journey. Some of the questions they […]

  • The Impact of Group Prenatal Care

    “It instilled a lot of confidence in us going into labor and allowed us to be advocates for ourselves because we knew so much information going in – whether it was the doula program or where your baby was or just being familiar with the people around you. I felt very empowered going into my […]

  • Centering Pregnancy

    Prenatal appointments tend to focus on the physical aspects of pregnancy – how much the baby is growing, checking heart rates, blood pressure and more. Though you develop a close relationship with your OBGYN, often the only contact you have with other mothers-to-be is a quick smile or hello in the waiting room. Centering pregnancy […]

  • Genetic Counselors – An Important Resource

    Genetic counselors do more than interpret lab results. They can guide you through pre-pregnancy planning, help facilitate discussions about family history, and so much more. With so much genetic information available to expectant parents, it is important to have a resource who can not only collect data but help you understand the results. Dr. Julia […]