Centering Pregnancy

Prenatal appointments tend to focus on the physical aspects of pregnancy – how much the baby is growing, checking heart rates, blood pressure and more. Though you develop a close relationship with your OBGYN, often the only contact you have with other mothers-to-be is a quick smile or hello in the waiting room.

Centering pregnancy seeks to change that by combining individual medical appointments with group-based prenatal education held on the same day. This gives women the chance to ask questions and share information with other expectant parents throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

In this interview, Dr. Julia Cormano talks to certified nurse midwife Vanessa Wright about the centering pregnancy program at UC San Diego. During a centering pregnancy, expectant mothers with similar due dates meet regularly to go through the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy together. Learn how the appointments work, who is on the care team, and how the group creates a safe space while assuring individual medical needs are met.

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