Category: Science

  • On Our Mind – Alzheimer’s Disease

    An estimated 5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease and that number will continue to rise. The impact will be felt not just in the homes of the diagnosed but by their caregivers, their loved ones, their communities, and beyond. The Brain Channel’s flagship series On Our Mind is endeavoring in the next few months to […]

  • Stories in the Ice

    Much like the rings of a tree can tell us about its particular history, air bubbles trapped within large bodies of ice reveal secrets about our past climate and atmospheric composition. Scientists can extract a wealth of information by drilling thousands of meters down into earth’s massive continental ice sheets and extracting ice cores. By […]

  • Telomeres: Tiny Keys to the Fountain of Youth?

    Our time is limited. The clock is ticking. If we’re fortunate enough to escape disease, accidents, or war intact, then at some point our bodies eventually turn against us. What causes our bodies to age? Why don’t we simply live on (until that proverbial anvil lands atop our unsuspecting heads)? Turns out, telomeres are one […]