Understanding Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a complex condition marked by recurring seizures due to abnormal brain activity. Jenny Hsieh’s research tackles this puzzling condition, which affects over 65 million people globally. Hseih aims to unravel its mysteries by using stem cell-based models, including patient-derived neurons, to understand the underlying causes and mechanisms.

Hsieh’s method allows her to recreate disrupted neural networks in epilepsy, offering insight into how the disorder develops. She examines these neuron models closely to uncover the specific mechanisms behind its onset and progression.

Through her research, Hsieh seeks to uncover how genetics and the environment combine to trigger epilepsy and contribute to its development. This understanding could pave the way for potential therapies to mitigate its impact.

Beyond the lab, Hsieh’s work offers hope to epilepsy patients by shedding light on its origins and suggesting new treatment possibilities. Her efforts represent a significant step towards improving the lives of millions affected by epilepsy.

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