Navigating the Political Landscape with Congressman Jamie Raskin

Congressman Jamie Raskin has been serving the people of Maryland’s 8th congressional district with pride since his election in 2016. Prior to his political career, he was a constitutional law professor at American University Washington College of Law for over 25 years, shaping the minds of future jurists.

During President Trump’s tumultuous tenure, Raskin’s deep understanding of constitutional law proved invaluable. Notably, he authored the articles of impeachment during both of Trump’s impeachments. The first set of charges related to Trump’s efforts to involve the Ukrainian president in U.S. electoral politics, with Raskin serving as the lead impeachment manager.

In a compelling session with Harry Litman, host of Talking San Diego, Congressman Raskin discusses these critical moments in U.S. history. They delve into the details of drafting the impeachment articles that charged Trump with inciting an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, his extensive legal background, and his views on the future of American democracy.

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