Millie Dresselhaus on Energy Sustainability

766 UCTV’s Women in Science kicks off the month of April by celebrating an influential woman in the scientific field, MIT Professor Mildred Dresselhaus.

A pioneer in Nanoscience, Dresselhaus is one of the first scientists to open the door to using carbon based materials on a nanoscale. Some of her notable contributions paved the way for modern day carbon nanotubes and nanoscale thermoelectricity.

Dresselhaus’ current career has focused on advancing science and engineering in its more basic aspects, as well as advancing energy sustainability. In a recent talk at UC Santa Barbara, Dresselhaus discusses the world energy outlook and sustainability, nanostructures and recent advances in thermoelectrics.

“The take-home message here, is that it’s not a bad idea to try to make the world a better place, when called upon to do so,” Dresselhaus mused.

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