Take UCTV with You – Thousands of Downloadable Video & Audio Podcasts

Did you know that in addition to watching UCTV programs on your television and your computer you can also take them with you in the form of a video or audio podcast?

If you’ve ever wished you weren’t stuck with just the radio on your commute or wanted to break up a long flight with something more interesting than a movie you’ve already seen, load up your digital device and get ready to enjoy some great programming. Once you have the programs there is no need for an internet connection to watch or listen.

    itunesOn iTunes you will find hundreds of feeds organized by special topics. Check it out here. Watch or download what you want for free. While you are there, take a moment to subscribe to the feeds that interest you. Don’t forget to check out UCTV’s featured channels to automatically get the latest in your player.
    rss If you don’t use iTunes you can still subscribe in your favorite RSS reader. Click here and find the topics that interest you. Then click on the Video Podcast Feed Link. Depending on your browser you may need to copy that link into your reader.

Enjoy your portable UCTV!