Harnessing Stem Cells to Solve Problems

Bioengineering is a field that applies engineering principles to biological and biomedical problems. Stem cell research allows us to understand the basics of human development and disease. When these two disciplines meet, a world of possibilities for human health is unlocked.

During the 2021 Sanford Stem Cell Symposium, a panel of experts discussed recent advancements in their labs.

  • Laura Niklason, M.D., Ph.D., outlined the promises and challenges of lung regeneration. She details current studies that may unveil a roadmap for building functional lung aveolus.
  • Sharon Gerecht, Ph.D., explained how the microenvironment regulates vascular fate in assembly.
  • Jordan Miller, Ph.D., discussed the design space of engineered living tissues and the challenges presented.

To learn more about how stem cells are being used in regenerative medicine and the techniques used to merge stem cell research with engineering strategies and design principles, watch Bioengineering Stem Cells.