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  • Adverse Childhood Experiences

    An overwhelming scientific consensus demonstrates that cumulative adversity, particularly during critical and sensitive developmental periods, is a root cause to some of the most harmful, persistent and expensive health challenges facing our nation. Dr. Nadine Burke Harris was appointed as California’s first-ever Surgeon General by Governor Gavin Newsom in January 2019. She is an award-winning […]

  • Squid Pro Quo

    Exploring the undersea world has always presented challenges in terms of cost and accessibility. However, recent advances in ocean observing technology are allowing researchers to explore heretofore unfamiliar worlds at reasonable cost. Join oceanographer Jules Jaffe as he describes his career as an ocean explorer and technology innovator. Learn how new, cost effective instruments and […]

  • 2020 Writer’s Symposium by the Sea

    This year’s Writer’s Symposium by the Sea truly lives up to its theme, Writing that Liberates. From the Pulitzer Prize winning reporting of journalist Sonia Nazario, to the mind-opening work of Pico Iyer, to the iconic writing of Alice Walker, these interviews show how great writing can set us free both figuratively and literally. Join […]

  • Staff Picks Featuring UCTV’s Arts Producer, John Menier

    Choosing a few favorites from among hundreds of worthwhile programs is a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. Let’s begin… SummerFest: Tan Dun’s Water Passion I’ve twice had the privilege of interviewing Chinese composer Tan Dun, best known for his movie scores (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Hero) and ceremonial music for the 2008 […]

  • Critical Perspectives on Race and Human Rights

    UCLA’s Critical Race Studies Program, Promise Institute for Human Rights, International and Comparative Law Program and Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs presented a one-day conference at the UCLA School of Law exploring critical topics in contemporary international human rights law from the joint perspectives of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Third World Approaches […]

  • Adventures in Tonality

    La Jolla Symphony & Chorus Music Director Steven Schick is renowned as a champion of new music and contemporary composers, and the Symphony’s February 2020 concert program features two such contributions. Works by Los Angeles-based composer Michael Pisaro have been performed frequently in the U.S. and Europe, and are particular favorites of music festivals. Pisaro’s […]

  • Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

    Tom Hanks portrays beloved children’s television host Fred Rogers in the 2019 film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, directed by Marielle Heller. Not quite biographical, the film’s story is loosely based on the 1998 Esquire profile “Can You Say…Hero?” by Tom Junod, and recounts the impact of Rogers’ friendship upon the life of a […]

  • Spotlight on Bridges – UCLA Music Video

    UCLA students and alumni worked together to creatively spotlight relatable issues of trying to fit in, overcoming depression, and forging a path forward in Bridges, a four-minute music video. Bridges addresses what it’s like to break the mold as a young adult in college and embrace that sense of individuality through music, dance, and visual […]

  • Shaping Society to Fight Climate Change

    Big, heavy vehicles like SUVs don’t make a whole lot of sense for most people. Your average driver isn’t going off-road. A third row of seats is very rarely necessary. They take more gas. And, if you’re hit by an SUV in a sedan, you’re more likely to die. So, why are SUVs so common? […]

  • Organ Failure and Replacement

    Why do organs fail and what therapies are available for organ replacement? This new series from UCSF focuses on the causes of organ failure, how to prevent loss of organ function and how we can replace organs when they do fail. Hear from a variety of experts, including kidney and liver specialists, that are part […]