Category: Education Issues

  • Finding Your Why in Healthcare: Lessons from Dr. Kama Guluma

    Take a journey through the inspiring words of Dr. Kama Guluma, an emergency medicine specialist, as he unfolds the story of his career in healthcare and education. Dr. Guluma invites you to reflect on the importance of aligning your personal values with your professional life, especially in healthcare. Understanding your core values—like compassion, dedication, and […]

  • Human Rights Defender: A Life in Education and Advocacy with Eva Pacheco

    Eva Pacheco’s story is one of determination, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to bilingual education. Starting her career as a teacher in Mexico, Eva already held a deep appreciation for education’s transformative power. However, when she moved to the United States, she quickly recognized the challenges the American education system posed for bilingual learners like […]

  • Unsung Heroes: Human Rights, Dignity, and Equity for Educators

    What does “dignity at work” truly mean for those who shape the future of our society—educators and school staff? Jeffrey M. Siminoff from Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, Guadalupe Carrasco Cardona from Roybal Learning Center, and Timothy Stiven from Canyon Crest Academy acknowledge the myriad roles educators play and delve into the current state of […]

  • A Growing Legacy in STEM: The Gonzales Family

    After dropping out of high school, David Gonzales was unsure of what the future held but he knew he wanted more for his young family. He found a passion for science and, after years of dedicated study, became a professor at UC San Diego. His story is one of how generations rise – how a […]

  • The Med School Project

    This documentary from UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine follows five medical students from a variety of backgrounds in their first and last years attending UCLA’s School of Medicine. Hear what inspired them to become doctors, the sacrifices they made individually and with their families to succeed as medical students, how the COVID-19 pandemic affected […]

  • Is There an Off-Ramp for That? K-12 Schools and COVID-19

    COVID-19 changed many aspects of our lives, and policymakers at the local, state, and federal level are seeking solutions to help restore the health and well-being of Californians. In this program, Dr. Naomi Bardach discusses the impact the pandemic had on children, educators and families and the measures schools employed to keep students and teachers […]

  • Smart Money: Education Investments in Adolescents Earn Higher Returns

    Caroline Hoxby, professor of economics at Stanford University and one of the world’s leading scholars in the field of education economics, says investing in education in early adolescents can have profound impacts on the continuation of learning through teenage years and beyond. More education leads to social cohesion, advancing economic opportunity, reducing inequality and decreasing […]

  • Wendell Bass: Equity Champion

    Growing up, Wendell Bass was often told by his parents, “You’re on this earth to serve other people so find you something that you can do that will allow you to serve others.” Coming from a long line of educators, he naturally found that thing in teaching and school administration. A lifelong learner and educator, […]

  • UCTV’s Education Channel Offers Expertise, Inspiration for a Lifetime of Learning

    Whether you’re a preteen exploring robotics, a high schooler filling out college applications, a parent struggling with distance learning or a teacher looking for videos to engage your students, UCTV’s Education Channel has something for you. In fact, the new channel offers high-quality resources for learners of all ages. “The Education Channel as it stands […]

  • Investing in the Future

    How do we connect youth who are struggling to the possibility of a brighter future? We meet them where they are with opportunity and compassion. Youth advocates from the spheres of education, non-profit, and health come together in this engaging conversation to talk about how they implement programs, how they navigate challenges, and how they […]